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For many people, one of the most worrying aspects of making home improvements, such as Double Glazing, replacing Doors or building a Porch, is the SALESMAN'S VISIT. We've all seen, heard and read about the horror stories.

For an excellent in-depth report, visit BBC Watchdog click here.

One subject deserving special attention is the 'Home Improvement Plan,' or 'Finance,' to give its more honest but less appealing name.

This is especially true when faced with a 'great offer' 'only available NOW,' from the friendly Double Glazing Salesperson sitting on your sofa. "We haven't sorted out the money yet," you may say, thinking to defer your decision.

"No problem," replies the salesperson, "we have a great 'facility' (that's another nice word for Finance) available to allow you to take advantage of this offer. Funnily enough, I was going to mention it anyway, because it could save you some money!

Now Read On;

Beware of Double Glazing Sales-people offering cheap prices if you sign up on 'their' special Finance Scheme. The cheap price is often achieved by adding the discount into the Finance Package. You may even be offered a 'Cash-Back' - this is actually a way of getting you to borrow even more money, at very high interest rates, sometimes approaching 30%! And it is the high interest rates that fund the discounts & pay large commissions, again sometimes as much as 30% of the Contract Value, to the Double Glazing Company and to the Salesperson. Obviously somebody has to pay for this, and you guessed it, it's You!

Be very, very wary, if you are told that you can 'simply' settle the 'Plan' without any penalty, after the Installation - it's not true! What is true is that; There is no such thing as a free lunch! If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is! As a friend of ours used to say, "Banks? Those guys wouldn't give a crippled crab a crutch!"

Our final word on this subject; You wouldn't buy Double Glazing from a Building Society or Bank, so why buy Finance from a Double Glazing Salesperson?

Sadly, most companies, including all of the large well known ones and most of the rest, still use self employed commission only sales agents. These people are dependant upon selling to you today, in order to eat tomorrow.

It's a very hard, cut-throat way to earn a living and only the most persistent, hard nosed types survive! Morals, ethics, best practise and advice really don't come into it, not when your decision about whether or not to place an order, now, or in the future, with the individual in front of you, or with someone else, makes the difference between that individual eating tomorrow, or not!

Inevitably, the whole "merry-go-round" of pressure selling, unbelievable discounts, using sales "techniques" to "close" orders "on the day", fantastic special offers, telephone calls to Managers & Directors for imaginary "special" discounts and "once in a lifetime" offers to be a "Show Home", "only available today!" of course, continues, unabated.

Our purpose here, therefore, is to let you know exactly what you may expect if, after talking to us, you decide to invite us into your home for the purpose of preparing a quotation:

(If you have designs and sizes, we can often provide an estimate by 'phone, fax or email - see our PRICES page)

  1. We do not use any Direct Sales Marketing Methods. Specifically, we do not Door Canvass or Telephone Canvass. You will only ever be contacted by us in response to your enquiry and you will not receive follow up calls. Your details will be kept secure and will never be sold or passed on to any third party. Upon request, your details will be deleted from our records.

  2. We will make an appointment with you for a specific time on a specific day - and turn up! We will not insist that your Husband, Wife, Partner or other ".decision maker" needs to be present. Nor will we insist that you allow us any particular amount of time. Usually 20/30 minutes is enough to take measurements. If you want to see various product samples, have lots of questions, or if the job is complicated, then allow a little longer. But that is up to you, we will never outstay our welcome!

  3. Our estimator will have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Replacement Window, Door Design, and Porch Construction, and the first thing that he or she will do, is listen to you, to find out what you have in mind and what is important to you. Then, you can discuss and agree designs and specifications for the main quotation, and any alternatives.

  4. Our Quotations are valid for 3 months and we are quite happy to deliver them to you verbally or by telephone, post, fax or email.

  5. We have a fixed price list and we do not use commission based sales agents. You will always be given our best price and your intelligence will not be insulted by the offer of an inflated price with a huge discount .... "only available today!".

  6. That's it, then it's up to you. Of course, we would like some feedback and eventually a Yes or No, but in your own time, and without any pressure from us. After you have completed your investigations, got your quotes and the answers to any questions or queries that you may then have, make your decision.

    If, as far as we are concerned, the answer is no, then 'Thank You' for giving us the chance to quote. If the answer is yes, then, 'Thank You Very Much!'.

  7. Should you decide to place an order with us, either now or in the future, you will have 5 days during which you may cancel it, without penalty, and receive a full refund of your deposit. This is clearly detailed on our Sales Agreement.

  8. Customer deposits are covered by a Deposit Indemnity Insurance Scheme guaranteeing that the work contracted for will be carried out at the contracted price in the event of the company ceasing to trade for any reason before completion of the work.

  9. Work will be Measured by a Qualified Surveyor and Installed by Qualified Fitters.

  10. Every installation is issued with an insurance backed Guarantee from IPFWI, the Incorporation of Plastic Window Fabricators and Installers, covering materials and labour charges for repairs or replacements for the 10 year Guarantee period in the event of the Company going into liquidation.

  11. Should you require funding to finance your purchase, then we recommend that you approach your own Bank, Building Society, a reputable 'Direct Line' lender or Personal Financial Advisor as they will be able to offer you the most competitive rates of interest and appropriate advice for your individual circumstances. in association with Quotatis Ltd

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